1. Be polite and respectful.
2. Be productive with your time.
3. Be prepared
When a student is disruptive they will be redirected in answering these questions:
1) Is what you're doing helping you or others learn? 
2) Is what you're doing helping me to teach?

Based on the answer we can address the specific class rule that is being broken.

CONDUCT - The following areas of conduct may be cause for a parent/teacher meeting:
2.Not being on task
3.Being unkind/rude
4.Not following directions
5.Disruptive influence
6.Disrespect or defiance
2.Redirect the behavior.

WORK and STUDY - The following areas of work/study be cause for a parent/teacher meeting:
1.Missing supplies
2.Missing assignment/homework
3.Missing book or handout
4.Disorganized desk, cubby, papers
5.Poor use of time

Students who misbehave will be reminded to get back on track and may need further consequences as follows:
- Warning - no consequence
- Consequence (time-out, loss of recess, etc.)
- Consequence + phone call to parent

Chronic problems in a day or severely disruptive behavior will result in a visit with the administrator and/or parents being called.

Eureka is not a good fit for children who are chronically disobedient. We desire to work with families to help nurture their children, however we will decline reenrollment to students who cannot be positive and productive in our program.

There are NO REFUNDS for students who have been dismissed from the program. Please consider seriously your willingness to partner with us and to know your child.

Eureka Behavior Expectations
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