“Eureka” means “I have found it” in Greek. According to legend, it is what the great Greek mathematician Archimedes shouted when he solved a particularly vexing problem posed to him by King Hieron II. 
It is also the familiar exclamation of the Argonauts during the California gold rush era. In general, it is a phrase meaning, “Yes! The perfect find!” and that’s what we feel our program is for parents who want support while homeschooling their children. EUREKA is just that, “The Perfect Find!”
And we think you'll shout the same cry of "Eureka!" when you realize what a perfect partnership our program is with your homeschool plans!
Why "Eureka?"
Why might Eureka be a perfect fit for you?
Eureka is for parents who homeschool and want...

1. ...academic support and feedback from professional educators - we not only teach classes, but we offer consults on student progress, help with accurately assessing and evaluating writing and critical thinking skills, and give objective input.

2. ...exposure to a school-like atmosphere and somewhat traditional classroom setting where students can partner with others and learn in a fun and academically balanced environment.

3. ...a break. Twice a week parents can drop their children off at 'school' enabling them to take a part-time job, run errands, volunteer, clean house...etc. 

4. ...opportunities for their children: ministry, games, friendships, corporate worship, support through challenging subjects, field trips and more!

5. ...small classes! Teacher/Student ratio is low so we can keep the atmosphere intimate and student-need centered

Parents, you are charged to teach your children whether they're in traditional school or not. And for those of you who have decided to homeschool, we believe you are wonderful for doing so! We're here to help you, support you, encourage you, and to come alongside of you with your plans and goals for your family! Together we will make a great team!