Director, Mrs. Sissoyev
  • 562.448.2654
  • Location
12104 Los Coyotes Ave.
 La Mirada, CA


  • Hands-on, relevant, and fun workshops for parents and kids
  • Updated throughout the year, so check back and follow us on Facebook too!

  • Experienced professional educators
  • Caring and patient
  • One-on-One and small group tutoring
  • Research based techniques
  • In-Home or On Campus
  • 30-50% less than conventional tutoring

  • Biblically centered
  • Professional, caring, and innovative educators
  • Safe and home-like environment
  • Small classes

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CALL: Mrs. Sissoyev, 562-448-2654
"Eureka! You found it!"
The Perfect Partnership of Home and School
"Eureka! You found it!"
The Perfect Partnership of Home and School