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What makes TUTORING with Eureka unique?

1) EUREKA values your budget. Unlike many tutoring franchises, TAP Time does not charge for assessments which can range from $75-$350. We meet with parent and child and assess your child's needs in a very personal way basing our plan on more factors than an impersonal standardized test. In addition, TAP sessions are 25-50% less than franchise tutors with fees as low as $13/hour.

2) EUREKA values your time. We arrange a specific number of tutoring sessions during which we guarantee that your child's grades will improve. We keep working with your child only if we feel we are making progress, and we complete our sessions after your educational goals are met. Our teachers are available from 8:00am-8:00pm six days a week.

3) EUREKA values excellence. Our teaching methods come first from the heart because our teachers are naturally gifted as educators, and our approach is then founded in the best brain-based research. Our teachers use proven techniques that target a child's natural learning style and strengths to help improve their apparent weaknesses. We have a track-record of success spanning twenty years of working with learners.

and most importantly...

4) EUREKA values your child. We feel every child deserves to have a teacher who "gets" him or her. We are teachers who have a reputation for understanding the heart of kids.  No child wants to struggle or fail. We know how discouraging it is for students to not only struggle but to feel that their teacher doesn't "get" them. We have years of experience working with students with severe to mild learning challenges, and we have the not only the grades to prove our methods work, but the hearts of hundreds of children who keep in touch with us because we loved them through their challenges.

Our teachers provide highly effective help in all subjects for all grades - kindergarten through high school. It is not uncommon for students to struggle in school at some point. Franchise tutoring services are available at a very high cost. Free tutoring is available often with well-meaning, but inexperienced teachers. TAP is here to see your succeed!

Teacher Access Pass program...

Access to excellent, helpful, and
patient teachers trained and
experienced to tutor your
child in their more
challenging subjects.

Schedule your TAP teacher today!  562-755-4964
Do you have to be enrolled in Eureka's Para-School for TAP? No. There is a separate rate for Eureka TAP students on the enrollment form.

TAP Teachers are experts with proven results in the areas where students struggle most:

  • Has your 3rd, 4th, or 5th grader not mastered multiplication or division? We can help!
  • Does your middle schooler feel buried by algebra? We can help!
  • Is your high schooler falling behind or in algebra, geometry or trigonometry? We can help!

  • Does your child struggle with phonics and spelling? We can help!
  • Has low reading comprehension kept your child in every subject? We can help!
  • Is your child weak in writing? We can help!
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1 hour a week: $60
2 hours a week: $110
3 hours a week: $150
4+ hours a week: $180
add a sibling for only $20 per meeting

1 hour a week: $20
2 hours a week: $36
3 hours a week: $48
4+ hours a week: $56

"Semi-Private" time offers small tutoring groups of 2-5 students. This is an economical option and still offers the same excellent instructional time!
TAP Time Includes

~Professional Evaluation~
~Weekly Consultations~
~Progress Assessments~
~STAR and SAT test prep~

There are
no extra charges!
Convenient, one-on-one or semi-private tutoring with a professional educator who understands students and the academic challenges
students often face.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Our teachers are experienced and successful in helping students with learning challenges - ADD, dyslexia, Asperger's, dysgraphia and more.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Tutoring for all ages
"My Eureka teacher helped me get better grades and
now I'm not frustrated
in math any more!"
Where students learn...excel...think...THRIVE!