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Kimberly Sissoyev
Electives Director / Teacher

 Mrs. Sissoyev graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Masters in Education and Teaching Credential, and a B.S. degree in Business Management. 

 Mrs. Ancell graduated from Chapman University with a B.S. in Social Science & Psychology, and also has a Teaching Degree from Whittier College. She and her husband Tom raised 3 boys, and have 1 Grandchild who she loves immensely. Together they have embraced restoring Old VW’s and sharing their passion and artistic ability’s with others.
Mrs. A, taught Kinder – 5th Grades for 10 years in the public schools. 
She also has taught, Art for 20+ years, which is her passion.
Experienced in working with and teaching about Clay
Works for the Whittier Pregnancy Care Clinic as a volunteer helping young mom’s and Children in need. She was also giving the honor or Volunteer of the Year award.
Taught Art Classes to mothers and children in need, through a local program.
Volunteer’s and attends Bible Study at her Church – Whittier Area Community Church 
Homeschooled all 3 boys at different stages in life.
Worked for Whittier Christian Homeschool Program teaching Art for 12 years
Currently Teaching Eureka Elective Art & Clay Classes

Jill Ancell