"Getting kids to think, imagine, and challenge themselves in a fun environment is the best way to teach."
- Mrs. R, Founder
Jennifer Richmond, 

Mrs. R graduated from Westmont College, Santa Barbara with a BA in English. She is a published author, illustrator, and composer. She loves bringing children to relationship with their Creator through science, art, music, and of course, God's Word. She and her husband, Glen, have lived in the area since 1989 and have one very musical and artistic son, Jonathan. Mrs. Richmond has been an educator since 1988. 

Jennifer now serves as the full-time Pastor of Family Ministry at La Mirada Christian Church and is on board of Eureka as a consultant and support for the current Eureka director, Kimberly Sissoyev. After growing Eureka from two families and four students in 2010, Mrs. Richmond passed the baton of leadership to Mrs. Kimberly Sissoyev in 2018. 
  • Classroom educator since 1989 in the greater La Mirada area. 
  • Illustrator of six books for Teacher Designed Learning, 
  • Writer and composer for two albums of original music for kids. 
  • Mrs. R is also a popular workshop leader for educators, women, and pastors
  • Follow her Dwelling Richly podcast for Bible studies and inspirational devotionals

Kimberly Sissoyev, Director/Lead Teacher
Mrs. Sissoyev is a Godly, caring, veteran teacher. She is a loving wife and mother as well. Her teaching is characterized by her dynamic vision and she executes that vision for the betterment of her students. 
Where students learn...excel...think...THRIVE!
"Eureka teachers are such fun! My students love their classes and come home excited about what they're learning!" ~parent of 3rd grader

"I love the way they make me want to learn. It's not like other schools. These teachers really care. They even pray with me when I'm having a hard time understanding something!" ~3rd grader

"Mrs. Richmond took the time to identify a learning disability that no other teacher had noticed. She gave me concrete ways to start working with my child in a way that would compensate for their dyslexia. No school teacher had ever done that before. It has made a huge difference." ~parent of 4th grader

"We've attended public, private, and now we are homeschooling. I cannot imagine doing it without Eureka. The teachers have been instrumental in making this a successful year for all of us!" ~parent of 4th and 7th graders

More teacher info coming soon!